Skin Bank CR¥PTO ORD€R

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Skin Bank is the second full-length vinyl release from Italian techno deviant Crypto Order. Drawing inspiration from conspiracy theories, occultism, transhumanism and the New World Order, the project mixes confrontational themes and recycled propaganda with a haunting blend of dark beats and ominous melodies. Thanks to a prolific body of work amassed over the last few years, savvy listeners who have been paying attention to the right places will know him already as an unorthodox force to be reckoned with in today’s underground music world.

A hallmark of Crypto Order’s work is an enigmatic deployment of both sound and vision. Heavy electro-style breakbeats and extra-terrestrial atmospheres create a warped-yet-familiar sound reminiscent of early techno, whilst a compelling visual aesthetic evoking echoes of the early industrial and power electronics scenes infuses it further with a sense of mystery. Themes of power and control have been par for the course in the music of Crypto Order and Skin Bank is no different, manifesting a world that invites the listener to question the reality around them and dive deep into the shadows of their own repressed and murky consciousness. This is a kind of electronic body music which sends you into a dystopian realm of chaos and intrigue, throwing up uncomfortable questions along the way.

ALT79 Released 14 June 2024