Patterns Of Penetration Damien Dubrovnik

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Damien Dubrovnik are Loke Rahbek (Lust For Youth, Var, Croatian Amor) and Christian Stadsgaard, two Copenhagen residents who are known for running the highly respected and prolific Posh Isolation label. ‘Patterns of Penetration’ is a new EP which comes relatively hot off the heels of a USA and UK tour with Helm and their first new material since last year’s Alter debut, the ‘First Burning Attraction’ LP. Lead track and recent live staple ‘Penis Corset’ is the most potent and pointed piece the duo have penned yet – the main body of the track is driven by a crude and primative rhythm made from an electronic bass pulse and blown out synth noise, punctuated by feedback and guttural vocals. The result is probably the closest the duo has ever come to creating something that fits the traditional ‘song’ format yet fully retaining an industrial atmosphere that is consistent with previous DD releases. On the flip, title track ‘Patterns of Penetration’ presents a calmer side of the duos work yet also find them at their most complex and rich, sonically speaking, with a two note synth lead, spoken vocals and washes of analog tape noise. Edition of 400 copies with artwork by Danish artist Martin Erik Andersen.

ALT701 Released 8 July 2015