Infinite Dream Weapon PC World

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Memorandum of intent, circa 20XX, PC WORLD PROTOCOL DIVISION


Ω)Reading this you are tainted, and now body compromised you are warned: kill the impulse or face your stolen ground.

Following up on 2021’s Order, Anglo-Australian EBM/Synth-Punk band PC World return with the EP, Infinite Dream Weapon, a 3-track preview of intent and a sonic flag-planting PSYOP. Guiding the masses to anticipate next year’s full length LP, these tracks have been chosen to put the listener in the crosshairs.

At Heaven’s Gate jump-starts the dream at its logical endpoint, leaving the bystander lifeless. Inspired by our Industrial forefathers with its throbbing basslines and strident Keith LeBlanc-esque drums, At Heaven’s Gate seizes you into the locked-door communities feared throughout the days of Satanic Panic, poisoning the fantasies of the domesticated mind.

The eponymous track, Infinite Dream Weapon, is an instrumental pursuit designed for when you have no mouth and you must scream. Taking cues from Klaus Schulze and Cabaret Voltaire’s unfinished Earthshaker project, the filmic atmosphere shows PC World at their most introspective, letting the listener project their own paranoid nightmares through the Infinite Dream Weapon.

The band’s third sonic thread, Doublevision, is a pulse raising statement that targets institutional terror and human destabilization, motivated by the corruption that inhabits spaces of colonial guilt, aligning itself with the idea that a life of lies can become existential horror, waking in fright for all eternity.

With the Infinite Dream Weapon, we open a new force to ionize the air in one more bastardised direction. It is only in the consumption of this sonic parasite that the fantasy truly lives on as we make the approach toward tomorrow’s dream. Now, weapon in hand and back against the wall, the vision lodged in your cerebral fantasy, ask yourself “do you believe?”.

ALT76 Released 6 October 2023