Fires Frame The Silhouette Cremation Lily

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Cremation Lily is the project of UK based Z. Zsigo. For the past 5 years Zsigo has been consistently working under most people’s radars with his distinctly personal take on power electronics, developing a modest cult following and a respectable catalog of releases through his Strange Rules label. In 2012 the project was brought to the attention of Steve Underwood from Harbinger Sound who subsequently released the ‘Fertility Servent’ 7” and the project began to gather a more visible live presence thanks to gigs with the likes of Consumer Electronics, Con-Dom, Natural Assembly and on the east coast of America too with Alberich and Âmes Sanglantes. Now Alter is pleased to present the first longform vinyl collection of Cremation Lily material – Fires Frame The Silhouette is compiled mostly from reworked and remixed tracks from previous CL cassette releases. All pieces are thematically linked by a time and place in Zsigo’s life and bringing them together creates a record of masterful atmosphere which ranks high in the industrial / PE canon and closes a chapter in the project’s timeline. Mastered by Arthur Rizk and cut to vinyl by Noel Summerville.

ALT17 Released 5 May 2014