This Friday (June 5th) as Bandcamp waiver their 10% revenue fee, I’ll be donating 10% of all physical and digital sales to the fundraiser for the family of Belly Mujinga. Belly was a railway worker at Victoria station in London who died from COVID-19. She was spat in the face during a shift by someone who claimed to have the virus and this week the police have decided to take no further action against that man.

I have reservations about using sales of our product in this way as our intention is not to use this cause as promotion for us in any way. As a small label of niche underground music our platform is limited and we pretty much tread a line between breaking even and making a small profit occasionally. However, in the spirit of Bandcamp’s gesture and in light of everything happening around the world at the moment, I felt it important to donate to this fund for a few reasons. One, so the story does not become buried and further highlighting can attempt to bring some sort of accountability for whoever put Belly Mujinga in this position against her wishes. Two, this week a white man who spat in a police officer’s face has been jailed for 12 months. How many more times must the injustices that POC face against our institutionally racist police force and legal system need to be highlighted. Three, as our government has failed to lockdown properly all throughout the health crisis there have been key workers forced into situations where isolation from the virus has not been possible. In the case of Belly Mujinga and others forced into making sacrifices for economic purposes, it has caused deaths that would have been avoidable otherwise.

You can write to your local MP to put pressure on to call for justice for Belly Mujinga. I will link to a template that has been written for the purpose. It’s worth it, even if they’re a Tory.